Setup Softether for windows

List of VPN servers that can connect BullVPN's SoftEther

Server VPN Thailand:


Server VPN Singapore:

Server VPN USA:

Server VPN Japan:

Server VPN Hong Kong:

How to use SoftEther connect Server Bull VPN 

Download SoftEther program Then installs the program according to the steps.

Download SoftEther

Step 1 Install program SoftEther 

Click Next


Select SoftEther VPN Client and then click Next


Select accept and click Next


Select first choice and click Next


When finished, click Finish.



Click Finish

Step 2 Connection SoftEther 

Click Add VPN Connection


Click OK


Please wait. When finished, will automatically return to the main page.


Click Add VPN Connection again.


When there is a page to enter information. Please enter the information provided.

  • Setting Name: BullVPN TH
  • Host Name:
  • Post Number: 443
  • Virtual Hub Name: DEFAULT
  • Auth Type: RADIUS or NT Domain Authentication
  • Username: Enter Username in BullVPN
  • Password: Enter Password in BullVPN

* list of VPN servers on top. If unable to connect, try changing the server.

Then click OK 


Double click at Connect

Wait until the status is Connected. Finished.

When finished, check the IP to verify that it has been connected to BullVPN system: Check IP

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