The best VPN for macOS

Download VPN for macOS

Customers using macOS Version 10.15: "Catalina" or higher can download BullVPN for Mac in the App Store.

Download BullVPN for macOS

How to use the program BullVPN for macOS

1. Register

If you are not yet subscribed can apply here

2. Install the program

Go to the App store on your device, search for “BullVPN” and install it. Once the download is complete, you can open the program.

3. Get started

Enter the BullVPN for macOS, the system will go to the start page.

If you are already subscribed to BullVPN, press "Have an account", if not yet, press "Create account".


If you haven't subscribed yet, you can apply in the program as well.


Once registered, fill in your Username and Password, then click Login.


4. How to choose Location VPN

Press the Server VPN box to change the server.



The system will display a server page for you to choose from, such as Hong Kong, India, Thailand, China, etc. Can choose “Smart Server” to allow the system to choose the best server at that time immediately.


Before the connection is complete, you must enter your password into the BullVPN system each time.

If the connect button is colorful like this shows that you have successfully made a VPN connection.


5. Other uses within the application

Check IP - After you have connected BullVPN, you can press "Check IP" to check your latest IP status.


Logs - This window will only be displayed when we are connecting to a VPN. can take a screenshot Then send it to the admin or staff for review.

Upgrade account - You can pay for the service in the program now. Select "Menu" and then select "Upgrade account".