Why use BullVPN?
BullVPN service will give you internet freedom. Breakthrough various restrictions, whether going to China or any country that has problems accessing the website. Can surf the Internet faster, Watch movies, Listen to music, Streaming online, Bank transfers, Social media or Websites are secure by encrypting your data while using our BullVPN service.
How many BullVPN servers?

BullVPN provides more than 100 VPN servers and services more than 28 countries. Read more additional VPN servers or updates here : Locations VPN

Asia Pacific

  • VPN China
  • VPN Hong Kong
  • VPN India
  • VPN Indonesia
  • VPN Japan
  • VPN Korea
  • VPN Malaysia
  • VPN Philippines
  • VPN Singapore
  • VPN Taiwan
  • VPN Thailand
  • VPN Vietnam

Europe and Americas

  • VPN Australia
  • VPN Brazil
  • VPN Canada
  • VPN Germany
  • VPN Russia
  • VPN United Kingdom
How to use BullVPN?

There are 3 steps for using BullVPN.

  1. Apply for the service
  2. install
  3. Payment

When applying for service is complete. You must confirm your email to get free trial day. If you are satisfied with BullVPN service, you can pay for the service to continue using BullVPN.

The operating system is compatible with BullVPN.
BullVPN service can be used with Windows, Mac OSX, IOS and Android Can see how to use each operating system here. : Download & Install BullVPN
How to install BullVPN program?
How much does BullVPN prices?

BullVPN have many packages and prices starting from Monthly or Yearly. And the BullVPN service fee is as follows :


  • $ 5.26 per month
  • $ 14.67 per 3 months
  • $ 27.91 per 6 months


  • $ 48.52 per year

If buying in large quantities, many people, many accounts, we have a very special price. Check the latest packages and prices or promotions here. : Check the package & price of BullVPN

What are the payment methods for BullVPN?

Payment BullVPN 

1. Credit / Debit Card

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via Credit / Debit Card.

2. Mobile Banking (QR Code)

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via Mobile Banking (QR Code).

3. Paypal

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via Paypal.

4. True Wallet

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via True Wallet.

5. True Money

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via True Money card.

6. Transfer to a bank account

Read more details here : How to pay for BullVPN service via bank account.

BullVPN services can play Facebook, Line, Google, Youtube, in China?
BullVPN can be used in China and other countries with restrictions such as Dubai. See more details : Bypass VPN China
BullVPN service is safe?
Absolutely safe. We care about internet security and privacy very seriously. All your data is encrypted. Protect from hackers or capture important information.
What is a Private VPN service?
Private VPN service is a private VPN server service only for you. Which will be highly secure. Protects access to your sensitive data. No matter wherever you are, you can be safe with Private VPN such as surfing the internet form work, coffee shops, going abroad or where people sharing the internet. See more details here : Private VPN & Proxy
After paying for the service, can set the activation date?

Can set the activation date. In the case of bank transfer. Can set the activation date together with the money transfer notification. For customers who pay via other payment methods. Can tell the support team directly via BullVPN contace channel.

How to contact the BullVPN support team?

Customers can contact the support team in 6 channels as follows :

  • Contact via Chat on BullVPN website. : www.bullvpn.com
  • Contact via Inbox Facebook : Page BullVPN
  • Contact via Line : @bullvpn
  • Contact via Wechat : bullvpn (Only customers who go to China)
  • Tel: 096-787-1632
  • E-mail: [email protected]